Palash Flower And Its Amazing Benefit & How We Can Use It For Health Solution

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Butea Monosperma with its extraordinary features;

As we grow older we came across many different fruit and flowers. And we know how they have made our lives healthier and enjoyable. Since ancient times Indian flower had amused us with its surprising health benefits. Here we will talk about one of those flowers that are used by us on many major occasion but could not get our acknowledgment as compared to its services. Everybody knows that India is a land like heaven due to its natural topography. It is a home for many organic specious. And one of them is plash( Butea monosperma) most people misunderstood it as a herb, but the fact is that it is not a herb it is just a normal flower mostly found in the Indian forest.

Butea monosperma commonly recognized as Palash or kesudo has set a name in all south-east Asia as the "flame that lit up the forest" due to its natural orangish red color. It is mostly found in India and its neighboring countries due to the most suitable geographic location. This types of flower are rarely seen nearby but can be easily found out on some of the religious occasion. In can be easily identified in hundreds of trees due to its charismatic flowers with the beautifying brown buds. In India, it is mostly used for the Holi festival and for ritual offering in temples. But that's not the only use of this prestigious flower. You will be stumbled to known that it can be a great remedy against many different health problems. Let's see how a flower can make our prestigious life blossom.

Benefits of Palash;

Primarily it
 is used for treating a person suffering from eye disease as its flower contains vital vitamins such as A, B, and K. Well, most women prefer it for contraception. Eating its raw petal daily keeps you away from digestive problems it also helps you in reducing fat deposits in the body ultimately keeps you away from overweight. Due to this it also helps it helps us to stay away from heart disease and cholesterol problems.  Boiling it in water and bathing with it daily keeps us away from a skin infection and works efficiently against ringworm and rashes. The gum of this agent helps to treat wound faster. Eating its petal every morning remove the problem of a cough and lungs problem. In some of the cases, it is found out that Palash can be really helpful in preventing cancerous cell. 

Detoxification: Prepare powder of Butea blossoms and expend 1-5 grams of powder every day with water. It is intense in taste yet fills in as a sweet detoxifier to enhance your general wellbeing. Diseases of stomach: If you are experiencing any sort of stomach issues, for example, inward injuries, ulcers and so forth., at that point expend 3-4 grams of powdered Palash blooms day by day to fix all issues of stomach and digestive system.

Treat impotency in a better way: Collect blooms of Palash, dry it and set up its powder. Blend treat sugar into powder and expend about 5 grams of the blend in morning and night with a glass of drain to determine impotency.

Fix vaginal release: fix sweet sugar and powder of dried Palash blossoms and expend 2 grams blend with drain or water to get help from the Leucorrhea or vaginal release. Or on the other hand, drench Palash blooms into the water and abandon it medium-term. Drink one glass water every day till your Leucorrhea get restored completely.

Unpredictable Bleeding amid Menses: If you are experiencing the sporadic draining issue amid the menstrual period, at that point devour 3 to 6 teaspoon of Palash leaf remove in evening time consistently for 2-3 months to determine the issue.

Helpful in diabetes: Prepare a blend of dried Palash blossom's powder and treat sugar. Devour blend every day around 1 to 5 gms to control your sugar level normally. Or then again Collect the blooms of Palash amid the primary portion of the lunar month and dry them. On the first day, splash one bloom into the one glass water medium-term. Toward the beginning of the day, crush juice of blossom in water and drink that water. Increment the number of blossoms from multi-day till the seventh day.

Take after this cycle and you will see the radical change in your sugar level in one and half month. Evacuate Intestinal Worms: Collect seeds of Butea and make powder of it. Day by day devour 5 gm of powder with water to get alleviation from the intestinal worms. Treat kidney stones and other urinary grievances: Crush crisp seeds of Butea into the one glass of drain or include 2 spoons of Butea seed powder. Drink drain to determine the issue of urinary tracks and to expel kidney stones normally. Or on the other hand, set up the soup of Butea blooms by including water and sugar.
 Every day devour around 100 ml of soup 3 times. Take after the treatment day by day to fix consuming sensation amid pee and to liquefy kidney stones.

Mend Snake Bite: Take one tsp of Palash root powder and blend it with water. Influence it to drink the individual who got the snake chomp and now this blend will fill in as a regular antitoxin.

Fix a Sore Throat: Take few leaves of Butea Monosperma and set up its concentrate by pulverizing it. Presently blend leaf separate into the glass of water and swish with it to get help from a sore throat in a split second.

Treat swelling: Make Palash blossoms warm by setting them on high temp water steam or on a wire rack. When blooms get warm, tie them with a bit of cotton material on the swelled body part. This strategy is utilized to treat swelling of joint inflammation, damage, sprains, and so forth.

Resolve fever: If your body temperature remains high constantly or you got fever generally, at that point smash blooms of Palash with drain and sugar. Every day devour 3-5 spoons of blend day by day till month to dispose of abundance body warm issues.

Treat Cracks in Feet: Take Palash gum and apply it on broke rear areas for a medium-term period to get infant delicate feet. Fix Cataracts in Eyes: If you are confronting the issue of sudden watering in eyes, at that point you can utilize Butea as a normal pharmaceutical. Take a portion of the Butea and smash them to remove its juice. Blend Indian seeds into the juice and let them drench for 2 days. Take out seeds from the juice following two days and make their glue with water. Spread the glue of seeds to eyes like you apply kajal. The issue of waterfalls will resolve without anyone else's input normally.

Fix the runs and loose bowels: Consume 3 decigrams to 2 grams of Palash gum to treat looseness of the bowels and diarrhea. Or then again you can likewise bite crisp leaves to treat looseness of the bowels and diarrhea.

How we can buy or get it:

Apart from its being rare, it is also a seasonal flower that only blossoms during the months of February and March due to that it is more difficult to get it but the good thing is that it can be dried and can be stored for a longer period of time. Normally we can get it in the nearby supermarket and also you can buy it from street vendors.  Some of us store it for longer usage but the best way to get it just plants a tree of Palash in your lawn and in just a few years you can have it and your future generation most importantly it will add beauty to your lawn or garden due to its charismatic flowers. Apart from that, it will be a step towards the eco-friendly environment and contributions towards nature. At last, I have just written this article as for once in a lifetime you should have experience of this amazingly beneficial flower.

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