Yellow Fever - A Short Information

To conquer an enemy the first thing that comes in everybody's mind is that how powerful or what are the strength and weakness of the enemy are. If these facts are known then every battle can be a cakewalk. Here we are going to intricate a disease that has eventually affected most of the travelers around the world. Everybody loves traveling and want to enjoy their life to the fullest but do you know that unknowingly you are becoming a host for this parasite. Yellow fever one of the increasing threat to the society. Everybody is cautious about health and want to live a healthy and prosperous life But due to the increasing population and harmful environment, lots of people are suffering from major illness. Today we will enlighten a disease that has gone worldwide and has been affecting the lives of many people. Yellow fever one of the issues of this developing world. It seems likely to jaundice but its more deadly than it. Jaundice can be said as one of the stages of this disease.

 Cause Considered For Yellow Fewer;

 Yellow fever is a deadly disease more chronic than jaundice is mostly found in Caribbean and African provinces according to world health organization it is caused by mosquitoes named (aedes aegyptic) and more probably travelers are affected from them. Till now about 1 lacs of cases have been found out and people misunderstood it as jaundice and got treatment considering it in mind but as yellow fewer was found out people are more keen to get information regarding it and are taking it more seriously.

Sign, Symptoms And After Effects;

 Considering the title fever is the most common and first sign of this disease and it is followed by a headache and muscles pain, nausea and vomiting are also a major sign but the most important and in ignorable sign is the yellowishness of skin and ever and if you experience those sign immediately consult a doctor. After the effects of this disease can be very dangerous and fatal like vomiting of blood is mostly observed. Failure of kidney or liver failure can be your worst nightmare
Pale body and dried skin are mostly seen during this disease or after the impact.

Diagnosis And Treatment Carried Out;

As it is caused by mosquitoes containing flavivirus he unveils of this virus is necessary and that can be done by blood checkup if the tests are positive in the initial stage then the treatment is compulsory. As for the treatment, vaccination is compulsory along with the necessary medication. Extra supportive care for the patient is also needed to cope up with the nemesis.

Preventive Measures That Should Be Done;

Protection from mosquitoes is the first preferences and that can be achieved by just coverings your skin or use mosquito repellent cream.  Don't visit places with the bad environment like dusty or crowded area. Stay away from stagnant water or accumulated junks. Prefer to stay at home unless you have some important work to do. If you play and games have a shower after it as germs and mosquitoes are more attracted towards sweat. If you are a traveler then have a medical checkup right now as you are the primary host the reason is that you meet with many different people on your way from a different region and they unknowingly transfer the parasites to us. And also many places you visit may not be eco-friendly.

The conclusion that I consider:

As this disease is chronic and deadly it will cause harm but if careful steps are taken then there is no need of worry and you can go on in your current lifestyle. Take simple preventive measures and spread awareness regarding this once you are immune this disease can't harm you. Eat healthy food, do good exercise, use less exposure to pollution be happy and enjoy your precious life. Health comes with the good environment so go green save the planet by planting trees use eco-friendly items.
Save our environment to save our future.

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