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As the agricultural revolution takes places many nutritious fruits and vegetables with hybrid quality are cultivated. once you visit a supermarket we can see different vegetation and personally I find it difficult to choose which item I should buy. but as per knowledge, I have found out one of the most interesting and nutritious items that are apparently consumed in salads so if you are planning a diet then this item should not be missed out.

The vegetable that is common not liked by people due to its sour or weird taste but is a boon to the mankind off course I am talking about  Beetroot (growing under the soil)  its an all-rounder is you are looking for a healthy and cheap vegetable or fruit. All-rounder doesn't mean you should eat only the beet. It is cultivated in the different region from around 2000 bc. beetroot is an oval or round item grows under the soil having reddish brown color. It has a different color depending on the region like reddish, reddish orange, white, maroon, yellow. Beet can be consumed in form of salad, juice, cooked and also can be made in dry powder form. Its leaves are a high source of iron and are mostly used for salads in Asian countries. The major component of beet is betaine and iron in India people are using it for food and medicine.

Benefits of eating raw beetroot;

  • Blood pressure-   beetroot maintains your blood pressure in an extra efficient way. It is found that people drinking beetroot juice daily are fit and have healthy blood pressure as compared to other people. so if you are suffering from low or high blood pressure it can be a good option to consider. It also posses minerals like calcium, sodium, and phosphorus that helps to increase bone density and bone marrow.
  • Cancer-  The most dangerous and feared disease of all the times that is caused if the body lacks vitamin B12. Fortunately, beet is a good source of vitamin B12 so drink or eat depends on you but consume it daily and prevent yourself from cancer.
  • Skin treatment- everybody is cautious about their looks and spends a lot on beauty products and parlor. so if you are thinking of a good remedy to resolve this problem then beet is the best option to consider. It has a rich source of vitamin E that regenerate your cells and repairs damaged skin.  as for a home remedy, beet powder can be used as an excellent face pack.
  • Anemia&vitamin C- due to its iron content it raises your hemoglobin and protect you from decease like anemia and helps body against stroke. Everybody knows that vitamin C is one of the most essential nutrients for our body that acts as an anti-oxidant ultimately helping free radical from being damaged.
  • Liver protection - it is been found out that most of the people are suffering from liver damage or disorder due to heavy drinking and gallstones.  but as the rich source of betaine beetroot give protection against this nemesis and gives aid to the person who is suffering a daily glass of its juice can work wonderfully.
  • Lower cholesterol- beet due to its nitrates helps in digestion and lover your cholesterol level that ultimately protects us from acidity and danger of gallstones.
  • Pregnancy- being pregnant is one of the most critical phases of a person's life. As you know vitamin a b c& k are present in beet along with minerals like calcium, sodium, potassium &nitrates this all ingredient helps in the development of a newborn so it is advised by doctors to consume beet and its juice on regular basis.

Precautions that cannot be ignored;

As you know that good thing if not taken in a prescribed way then it may lead to a chronic condition and for the part of beet is a good source of glucose and fructose that increase the blood sugar level of the body so diabetes patients should consume it after consulting a doctor. it also has a drawback that consuming more amount of beet juice make your urine and stool red so consider taking beet or its product with good care and routine all though it may not cause any harmful side effects or major problem.

Where do we get it?

Well, beet is available in abundance in your nearby market. You can also buy it online in the form of powder. Beet whatever form it gives the same effect. It is cheap as compared to other vegetables with numbers of health benefits and can be used for a longer period of time. so whenever you go out on shopping make sure you include it in your checklist because a "stitch in time saves nine''.

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