HIV(AIDS) - Symptoms ,Precaution and Awareness

HIV(human immune deficiency syndrome) is something that arises question like what is aids? What are the symptoms of aids? what are the protective measure that can be taken .if infected then what should we do?.
first and the foremost, if anybody is suffering from HIV, should not get panic and should not take any wrong action.
  Now, What Is Aids?
 Aids is caused by the virus (HIV)that weaken the immune system of the body to fight against disease by destroying the platelets and WBC( white blood cells)if said simply it's not like diseases it's a virus that weakens your body to a different virus and causes different disease.

How HIV Is Transmitted?
                        Mainly HIV is transmitted by three main means 1.Blood transfusion 2.Sexual contact 3.Hereditary.Blood transfusion - in a hospital if you are injected by a needle that was used by somebody else that may cause Aids. if you are high on a drug that leads to HIV transmission.
[note: drug addiction is illegal and a leading cause of HIV ( Aids)]. If blood donation is done by an infected person then it may lead to the spreading of disease. Sexual contact - if you are having multiple sex partner that leads to fluid transmission of the body then it may cause aids. nowadays sex is a major issue and it is followed by rape and abuse of a sex partnerHereditarily - if your mother had aids then there is a good chance of you suffering from aids and it is carried subsequently from mother to a newly born baby.

Symptoms Of HIV;

        A headache, it is a primary case if you are suffering from a frequent headache it may be the case. Weight loss, if in a month or two you are experiencing a drastic decrease in your weight loss of then aids may be the case. Tiredness, if you get tired without doing any handwork or muscular activities then it may be one of the symptoms and requires diagnosis. Body pain& nausea, if these two are your problem then a checkup may be good for you. Fever, if you are experiencing regular high fever then a good chance of infection may occur. Diagnosis is done only through a blood test in a laboratory.

The Precaution That Should Be Taken;

Safe sex, STD( sexually transmitted disease) aid is the most common STDs  and it is the most important part of precaution as changing partner is the most affluent part of HIV .do not change partner as there is most chance of having HIV because you don't know that how many partners they have changed or slept with an HIV infected person. No to drugs, this is the second large case as in adolescent take drugs .in recent survey says that about 40% of HIV case is caused through addiction of drugs .more cases are found out in Punjab of drugs addiction. Safe blood transfusion, whenever you go to a hospital take diagnosed blood that has to be transfused .if blood is to be taken from blood bank please take notice of it expires, blood group and its content.

Infected Persons Care;

  • A parental care should be taken of an infected person.
  • A healthy diet should be taken regularly.
  • Regular exercise should be done.
  • A person should not take mental stress  
  • A persons thinking should be motivated by a healthy life.
  • The fear of HIV should be removed from the person mind.

Awareness Program For Prevention Of Aids;

NACO( national aids control organization) in India are working to create awareness among people. Use of condoms during sex are been provoked among people and the methods of using it are shown publicly among people. A regular checkup in 3 months of aids is given to people in government hospitals.  A special treatment is given to people who are been infected. Regular program on social media and internet are been given for awareness among people. In India, people are shy and not open to talking about HIV (AIDS) that are been reduced through an awareness program. 1st December is celebrated as the worlds aids day to fight against HIV.

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