Plastic Waste VS Human Society

About 200 years ago we just made an impenetrable shield that we can depend on but the time deviated where this shield which was manufactured to protect us proved to be the most fatal nemesis of mankind. The thing that we are elaborating is none other than the lightweight, strong, durable and probably cheap that we depend on in our day to day routine [PLASTIC].

Plastic has derived a conclusion that if a boon has been used in a wrong way than it is said to be the most chronic curse and here we are .the curse that we deny or don't want to accept. In the last 2 decades not only human but every living organisms have been affected by this entity. Due to the plastic monomer or polymer, about 10 million organisms have met their fate. But do they deserved it? Among human due to pollution caused by plastic waste their health is been affected and many diseases have occurred in the time being.

Well, a plastic waste does not decompose and everybody knows that but do you know that the average life (time for which it is used) span of plastic is just 10 minute. You got to the market bought some stuff in a carry bag reached your house and just throw that bag into the garbage .well why don't you reuse it or keep it for future use now that might be a step towards your fitness and health. Of course, it's cheap and you can buy plenty of bags but can you rebuild your health.

How Did This Dark Side Emerge?

  • The need for a solution that created the problem! About when did miracle name plastic was made into crisis.
  • When it was invented who knew that this world material that can make the car, smartphone, machinery, and medical instrument will one day became a matter to think upon. We just misused the gift that was given by our ancestor. if you think I am wrong than just think twice before tossing a bottle cap .about 30 percentage of plastic is used only once in a lifetime.
  • The bottled water we throw at the beach the raper of snacks we eat and throw. From the time it was started have come to a point where it is facing us like the dead spirit. But the time we realize it was late and inappropriate .the dark side of this devil has shown its face and now in our present time, we have to fight to save our planet.
  • The revolution and industrialization have made our life comfortable but the after effect of this revolution have aroused a different situation to tackle.

How does this world material build up:

  • The household plastic bags, milk packets, wrapping foil we dump gets accumulated at a place generating tons of plastic waste mixed with other household things.
  • The waste pollutants of the industry are been thrown out in a specific area that contains a ton of small plastic waste.
  • The tossed up waste at the tourist destination gathers up a large deposition of plastic waste making the area unhealthy and reducing the beauty of nature that also cause depletion in the amount of tourist.
  • The packing of the medicinal instrument and food item can only be used once and that cause a significant increase in the deposition of waste.
  • The plastic product such as a toy and bottles are used and thrown as a waste and that ends up in the river or ocean.
  • The ship cargos that are in our oceans just eliminate the ship's waste in the ocean such as plastic waste, oil, food items that result in the accumulation of waste in the ocean.
  • A large amount of waste is seen at the railway station and beside the track of rail due to the ignorance and insensitive of people towards the environment.
  • The automotive like cars, plane, bike all consist of plastic after the condemnation only 40% of it is reused while the other 60% is just made into small pieces and dumped at dumping ground.

Devastation Created By Plastic Waste::

1.     Every year many people suffer from a disease caused by plastic waste. The disposed of a plastic break in smaller fragment and get inhaled by people through different means.
2.     Due to tycoons and flood, this plastic waste and debris get accumulated at a certain place and affect the area around.
3.     In water bodies like the river and ocean, the creature eats and get entangled in plastic waste result in the loss of their life's.
4.     The plastic we burn cause air pollution with the black smoke result in the acid rain or smog formation in cities.
5.     Untamed or roadside animal like a cow, dogs eat the plastic waste along with the food material that results in their unnatural death.
6.     Many birds get entangled in the plastic wrapper in the air and fall down due to the incapability of flying.
7.     Inhaled plastic waste of carcinogen and waste material cause cancer and asthma .it is found that people working in plastic factories or in the similar environment have developed disease with short lives.
8.     Nano or micro all the debris gets accumulated ultimately in the ocean or aquatic area and that affects all the lives as water is the key source of living.

The Initiative That Is Taken To Curb Plastic Waste::

Indian generate about 10 to 20 thousand tons of plastic waste every day and the government has taken a certain initiative to stop this, fortunately, it has helped but not up to the mark it is observed that only 10 to 12% of plastic waste is been reduced after a large number of steps. many States have banned the use of plastic bags and stopped the production of a plastic product up to20% .the manufacturing and distribution are made in such a way that will not affect the running status.

The municipal corporation has set up vehicles and workers to pick up waste from each house and society to reduces the dumping in a private area .this comparative men take this waste to a recycling plant and segregate the waste. The plastic waste which cannot be recycled are processed by machinery and made into blocks ultimately used in a development program like building roads or small construction.

Some people, organization or industry have used this waste for making decorative products in a household thing and it is seen that people are taking good interest in this. This initiative has made our surrounding more beautiful and creative.

A Sustainable Alternative That We Created::

Reduce & reuse -- well we have just reduced the use of this material and are taking effective steps regarding the reuse of this wonder that solve everyday problem reduction in use have helped but considering the waste it is not much that we can count on.

Recycling -- recycling consists of various different steps and requires a lot of manpower and industrial effort. But recycling is the most resourceful way of making the use of this material. Since time being recycling have made great efforts towards generating environment and reducing the waste that adds to the production and manufacturing. Recycling has given employment and livelihood to poor people and rag pickers.

Eco-friendly & degradable - these days the manufacturing of biodegradable plastic with low density is made to protect the environment. This material decays naturally along with time and merges with the environment. But the default is that it can only be used once and thrown such as bottles and plastic bags. about 2% of plastic is degradable and have made a significant contribution towards our better future .it has cut of the required use of plastic but we cannot utterly dependent on this aid.

Sorting & segregation by rag pickers - 

Rag picking is greatly seen fortunately or unfortunately, this has given a living to many poor people. They have a great hand towards creating an eco-friendly environment they just sort out the waste that can be used and sell them out that turns out to be a global step towards it segregating waste allows them to trade with the organization creating a significant portion of waste recycling.

Incineration - this is the most used and undisputed way of destroying the waste that is been accumulated. burning the waste together at dumping ground causes a lot of waste to disappear but the problem arises as it pollutes the environment and damages our health. Due to this waste that can be used are demolished and that left behind is smoke of carbon chemicals. Industry burns their chemical containing plastic and reduces waste but the smoke from the chimney effect the surrounding that results in smog, acid rain, breathing problems, and unnatural environment. incineration can be a solution but cannot be taken as granted as it may ruin our atmosphere before we wake up.

Joint Efforts( Regular Basis & Responsible Way)::

The information sector has held many programs regarding the less use of plastic and reusing it. But there is no better solution unless we unite to conquer the raining nemesis.

Plogging was introduced in Sweden to reduce the waste and simultaneously creating a healthy life for the people around and now that's a global solution towards a better future.

The cleaning of ocean beaches or pilgrim places have come into effect and people are keen to participate in their cleaning program, as a result, some of the beaches have emerged to be the wonderland for both humans and natural species.
A day in a month has been organized in a society to clean the surrounding that's an effective and responsible way to create our health and environment. In India "swatch Bharat Abhiyan "was started by our honorable
Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi as an initiative to clean Indian schools, college, hospitals and government organization to resurrect our environment. Since 3 years have passed and a good result has been accomplished by us. but this should be carried out on regular basis.

We enjoy the nature but it is our responsibility to nourish and protect our surrounding as it is us that are been benefited by them .for the sake of our future and health we have to save mother nature or this world will become just the tip of an iceberg made of plastic pollutants.

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