Acne - Cause,Symptoms And Treatment

Everybody is cautious about their looks these days and spend thousands of money on their better looks. The major problem nowadays people are suffering on a tremendous scale is acne(pimples).
About 10 to 15 million youth in India are suffering from this problem of acne. What is acne?
 Acne occurs when the hair follicle is coagulated with dead skin cells and oil from the skin and forms small or large spot .that doesn't look good and make you feel uncomfortable. Types of acne - whiteheads, blackheads, oily skin, coagulation of dead skin cells, crust formation, bulging red area, spots or mark.

Cause Of Acne;

Pollution - we won't be aware of it but it is one of the cause .as we go out in dirt and pollution many different types of bacteria, germs, and chemical gets in direct contact with our face and mix up with the sweat and oil of skin and cause acne. Oils - in this case, the oily content and the lipids ( fatty acids) of our body coagulate and forms a small or large bulge on face, chest, and back. Puberty - well the premium reason of acne is the hormonal change in our body the most case of acne occur at the age of 18 to 25 .at this time the body acquire changes in every aspect that develops acne. Diet - A insufficient diet also affect your face as it doesn't get essential nutrient to utilize for your growing face that results in blackhead and pimples. Lack of exercises - as body develop it requires its unwanted things thrown out of the body the salty and chemical components get out of the body through physical work so lack of physical work can cause acne.

 1.small and itching spots on face
2.small brown spots on the nose ( blackheads)
3.reddish spots in a bunch on the forehead
4.oily and sweat skin

Treatment of acne;


Water - the first and easy step wash your face regularly with cold running water periodically .that will clean your skin and stop oil and dirt from accumulating on the skin. Face pack - you can use face pack of organic things like neem, papaya, cucumber, activated charcoal etc. that will clear your minute pores of the face and reduce acne it also works as a best anti-aging remedy. Vitamin  E&D  - for vitamin d help in regeneration of cells it helps as a great source in healing your skin. vitamin e is widely used for a face in form of liquid or supplement to get a glowing skin. Dermatologist - this is the best option if you are suffering from acne problem because he has the wide knowledge of this problem just consult him and get the solution of your difficulties. Beauty salon - nowadays people are visiting regularly in the salon for their facial and beauty this is also a good remedy if you are suffering from acne problem it will cost you but also give you satisfactory result.

Online platform & information;

"To know the enemy is the best way to fight the enemy" just go and get full info about acne and its effect on Google and analyze it for your help. Online platform - you can buy much available medicine, supplement, face wash, cream to help fight acne.
  • Neem face wash
  • Charcoal face wash
  • Peel of mask
  • Vitamin e capsule
  • Vitamin e cream 
  • Skin ailment 
  • Acne fight gels
  • Blackheads mask
  • Anti-aging cream
When you buy online check expire date and also consult doctor and dermatologist before using any. Read the prescription carefully because you are the only one that cares about your self.

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