Diabetes - Cause And Treatment


Well, I can't tell about the world but in India, about 60 percent of people aged 40 to 60 years are suffering from diabetes. people nowadays due to the risk of heart failure and kidney disease by diabetes frequently go to the doctor and rely on their costly medicine.B ut is that the right thing to do. Of course, it is right but going frequently to doctor isn't going to change things or make it easier for anyone. it just makes you more impatient, stressed and cost you time and money. But do we know why is it so? Why does it occur without gaining our consciousness? Do we have any remedy for it? What to do or not if you are diabetic. Well, tune in if you want all the answer for your upcoming healthy future. We will discuss it overall facts.

What is diabetes?

Well, diabetes is a condition in which body has less insulin produced by the pancreas. Second is a condition in which your cells have become weak to absorb or utilize your insulin that is produced. In simple language its a condition where your blood sugar level increase more than required." diabetes has no major cure but can be maintained to stay healthy" it cannot be cured that doesn't mean that we should be afraid of it. We should not panic as it can be kept under control through the certain remedy. According to my knowledge, I am discussing on some remedy that may be effective in cost and helpful as well.

Symptoms of diabetes;

Paleness in the body- if your body lose weight frequently and your body looks pale then it may be the case. alcohol- after drinking alcohol most people go to the bathroom frequently as alcohol prevent your liver to produce insulin so check your blood sugar level if you are a heavy drinker. Urination -frequent urination is also a sign of diabetes. Numbness - after you wake up from sleep and cannot fell your hands or legs as due to the inadequate supply of blood in that region or pressure on that part body well this can also be a case of it. Infection -as sugar helps in growth of bacteria and fungus. You can have the infection at your genetical or at the wound that you got recently so it is also a point towards diabetes. Dehydration - if you are getting dehydrated it can be a major problem as water is the main component of the body not only diabetes but dehydration is the symptoms of many problems in the body so drink as much water as you can.

Remedy to resolve diabetes;

Mango leaves -in India its time of summer and where your eyes go you can find mango. But in this case, mango leaves are important. 5 to 6 mango leaves every day and boil it drink its juice regularly it will be a great help. Neem leaves - the holy tree of Indian is the solution of every problem just take a bunch of leaves of neem to wash it only eat it. Not only blood sugar but every minor disease will be cured of your body. Its a divine tree use it and find it for yourself. Bitter gourd - drink bitter gourd juice every morning it will be a great help. It also strengthens your body's immune system. Vitamin-d, well in this case just prefer a sunbath daily for 30  minutes as it is the direct source of vitamin d as simple as that free and enjoyable remedy. Fenugreek (methi in India) - well fenugreek seeds contain fibers and increase the production of insulin from pancreas so its best remedy for a person suffering from diabetes. Regular jogging or running - fat people are majority affected by diabetes they go for running in morning to reduces weight but whether they know or not the advice of running is the gift of nature  running reduce cholesterol, reduce fat,reduce extra fluid of body,purify blood ,increase energy ,increase flow of oxygen in body ,maintain your heart rate ,stronger your muscles . The moral of the story is run early in the morning for greater effect and also you can see people who are on the same track that gives you motivations towards fitness. Yoga -a regular yoga is a good exercise if you cannot go out of your house or lawn just do different types of yoga and it will give you a surprisingly better result. You can search about yoga on google and also can read about it for better understanding and help. A healthy diet -well everything is good if your tummy is fine. Well, this means to eat a healthy diet every morning and you will be refreshed whole day .eat fruits like apple, banana, grapes, papaya, plum, guava etc. This will maintain your body sugar level and boost your energy. As for your lunch and dinner eat fiber containing vegetation like green gram, spinach, dal etc .do not consume oily or spices food as its lead to heart disease, acidity, stomach problem, intestinal problems and much more.

Consulting a doctor - 'better late than never ' once you find the problem of diabetes. Do not ignore it as it may lead to chronic disease. Consult a  doctor as soon as possible because they are the next person after the god who can save your life. Having a disease is not a problem but avoiding it can be dangerous. In the up growing metros and cities, people are suffering from many problems so ensure your health and your family's future

Warning -do not use medicine from any medical store or any online merchant without prior permission or advice from your doctor. Because medicine nowadays are strong drugs that help your body for short time but it doesn't heal your body. It will make  you better for some time but cannot make you healthy

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