Health Benefit Of Milk And It's Products

Every morning every person wants a healthy diet and their mother gives a glass of milk which is apparently not liked by children. In this world milk are the most consumed liquid and a powerhouse of energy. Here we are going to talk about milk and it's products that add to our healthy life and make us grow better day by day. FSSAI - Food safety and standard authorities have categorized milk as the most nutritious diet in  India a daily glass of milk have made India more fit and healthy. milk and its product mainly buttermilk, ghee, and curd are consumed on a large scale in warmer countries like India and south-east countries.

MILK - its a white liquid given from different mammals like the cow, goat, Buffalo, camel etc. Milk contains calcium that helps us grow strong bones and teeth. People more than 40 years of age and children below 15 years should necessarily consume it. Vitamin B-12 is a major content of milk as it gives protection against cancerous cell. Milk also contains sodium and magnesium that are essential for our body. Carbohydrate in milk is a good source of energy for our body.

Nutrition value per 100 g
Potassium-150mg, Sodium-40 to 50 mg,Cholesterol 150 to 180 mg,Carbohydrate- 3 to 5g,Calcium-12%,Vitamin B12-6%,Magnesium-2%

BUTTERMILK - It was found as a by-product after the cream was extracted from milk and now its a divine source of health and tastes during the hot season. buttermilk is consumed as a drink and dishes like curry and raita are made out of it.
  • Its a great help for stomach due to its cold properties and it also digests quickly.
  • It gives relief from the abdomen and burning sensation
  • It also lowers your cholesterol. And it has less fat content.
Buttermilk has a good impression as a mind refreshing drink and consumed as dessert after food
In Punjab and northwest states of India, buttermilk is a regular diet of people.

Nutrition value per 100g
Calcium-110 to 140 mg,Fat-0.5 to 1g,Vitamin C-5%,No sugar contains.
CURD - the best thing to eat if you are a foodie .curd is consumed on a large scale as a flavor adding the thing. mixing curd with your spicy food gives a nostalgic taste. The curd is an excellent healing thing against burn. People are advised to drink if they feel burning sensation in the intestine. The curd is considered among healthy diet.

MYTH:- myth follow curd as a good vibe thing that eating it before work will make your day good and make you prosperous.

Nutrition value per 100g
Energy-90 kcal, Protein-3 to 5 g, Fat-.3g, Carbohydrates-4g

GHEE - The power house of  energy ghee is the most tastier thing you would ever have .ghee add a good taste a good flavor to your food and make your hunger  go on heights. 

  • Gives your body a large amount of energy.
  • Maintain your body posture
  • Gives the fatty acid required for the body.
  • Ghee has a large amount of protein content essential for the body.
 Nutrition value per 100g
Protein- 0.5g, Fat-3 to 5g, Energy- 450 kcal

The ministry of health and family welfare has given a statement that a daily dose of 500 ml of milk and its product should be consumed by children below 15 years of age to fight against undernutrition and healthy growth of a child. As compared to other healthy products milk and its content are cost-effective, tastier, healthy and is been considered as a balanced diet.

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