Stay Healthier This Summer With Plum/Prunes

The tastier healthy fruit of Indian origin has set a name all around the globe for its surprising health benefits. And in this article, we will come across a divine fruit that has gained my acknowledgment as I tasted it this week for the first time in my lifespan.
Here I am talking about the reddish small fruit having a size of a golf ball that takes our attraction in our familiar market. Yes, we are talking about prunes/plum. In most of the cases it is not liked due to its sour taste but believe me, once you come up with the health benefits you will surely consider it for your regular diet. Well it's not like the regular apple or banana that we enjoy, plum due to its content of vitamin C gives us sour taste and due to that we just eliminate it and never think of consuming it. And if you are one of those then just rewind your few minutes to take a deep look towards its beneficial support that it has granted us.

What exactly prunes are?

 Now you may be wondering what exactly prunes are well prunes are just the dried form of plum they just get wrinkly and shrink due to the exposure to the sun. But don't be delusional as it has same health benefits as of a raw plum. Worldwide plum has thousands of variety and calculatedly there is about 20 to 30 various variety of plum founded in Indian origin. But as for the consumption of prunes, it has not made any good amount of impact as people are unaware of its uses and benefits.

Benefits of plum/prunes:

As everyone is cautious about their body posture and want to acquire a sober shape so if you are one of that aspirant then eat plum regularly as it contains polyphenols that regulates bone density and gives you strong and rectify your skeletal structure. As we mentioned earlier due to vitamin C it provides immunity to the body and it is a great remedy against scurvy. It is an excellent antioxidant that helps to regulate body cells and also stops cancerous cell to develop. It is also recommended to treat Brest cancer. 

Plums are a good source of iron that helps to increase hemoglobin of body and also regulates the blood flow of body ultimately helps in the purification of blood. Plum contains vitamin E and folic acid that act as a remedy for hair growth and treat dandruff and split ends,  its also gives healthy skin with a glossy surface and also contribute to the healing wound. It also aids in night blindness and increases vision due to vitamin A. Plums are a great resource of fibers due to that it helps in digestion and works efficiently for an intestinal disorder.

 The precaution that should be observed:

Despite having many benefits it has some drawbacks that cannot be left behind that is, Plum contains a huge amount of fibers so consuming more plum may lead to indigestion and ultimately lead to acidity or constipation. Plum has a great amount of glucose and fructose that may be a nightmare for a person suffering from diabetes so a doctor should be observed if you are a patient.

Where we can get it:

Due to its variety and uses it can be easily available if searched at right places they are seasonal fruit but are stored in the form of prunes. It can be eaten directly by just washing it. It can be bought through online means. Some people store it in the form of pickles and enjoy its ecstasy.


Plums/prunes whatever form it may be has given wonderful health benefits but due to lack of availability or interest, its consumption rate is pretty low. But believe me, if you are health conscious and want to have a healthy and better life you should include it into your regular diet and at least eat 5 to 6 plum daily and I bet you, That you will not be disappointed.

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