Undernutrition - A Cause To Consider

The unparalleled issue that has been affecting our country day by day is undernutrition or malnutrition. What is undernutrition? Well, it's a condition when your body does not compile to the condition it should be according to the prescribed format. It consists of short height, extremely thin body, dry skin, brittle bone, long and thin legs.

Why undernutrition is a threat?

Well for the development of a country, state, family or the world people should be fit and fine so that they can give their extremely good efforts. Imagine if you are hungry then how can you work or our mind does not allow us to work for an example if we are thin then how can we lift weight or show good result in a heavy load.

Undernutrition in children's:
The future, the children or the powerhouse of a country the whole country depends on it. But in India about every 10 children in 100 are unhealthy. This problem occurs due to insufficient diet, poverty or due to the hereditary problem.

Insufficient diet:-

This is the major cause of undernutrition as many children don't get enough food as per their need that is why our health government and UNICEF has started giving a healthy diet to children at their schools and through a wellness program.


This is an extremely difficult cause as in India poverty level is high and children living in slum areas do not get sufficient food .to fight this issue our government has held many campaigns giving free food and clothes to poor children.


This might be a problem as hereditary cases have to be diagnosed and to be treated .a extra care has been taken and survey have been made to resolve this problem.

Undernutrition in youngsters:

Youngster nowadays doesn't show interest in their food that is homemade and they just want tasty food and does not care about health .addition to tobacco, liquor, and drugs is a major cause of undernutrition and a threat to the society as they mess their life and peoples around them  some people have no money to eat food and some have money but does not have time to eat

 undernutrition in Senior citizens

They can be called as the backlink of our generation as they have the knowledge of everything through their experience. they have the Idea that should be imparted .off course their body does not respond to the food they eat or they don't have good digestion .but that can be resolved through minor exercise or yoga .extra care should be taken of them as they are the undisputed civilization of our modern society.

The natural cause of undernutrition;
Global warming - well this sounds like a fun fact but it is true as it affects our season's crops and their quality .due to increase in hot and cold weather the crops are delayed or be held early that cause the crop to be under fertile and less nutritious. Less rain also causes a drastic change in society as less cultivation is been found since last decades.

Pollution  - due to pollution we can't get fresh food from the market and depends on roasted things .junk food is the most polluted ones. Due to the increased use of pesticide and chemical the vegetables and fruit are like artificial and has less nutrition than required the also cause disease due to extensive use of chemical and pesticides.

Alcohol & tobacco

People these days are addicted to these things and don't care for their body result in dangerous diseases like cancer .a large group of people are found alcoholic and narcotic as the recent survey alcohol damage body bit by bit and cause problem .people don't care and just party like a pig that result in problem to their body .

The fact of having a healthy body has been neglected by people that result in diseases and under nutritious body .major care should be taken about this because a healthy body gives a healthy life

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