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 One of the auspicious fruit of Indian origin amla(gooseberry) possesses all ingredient for good energy and health. No wonder it is regarded as a genetically superior of all fruit.

  • Amla is most commonly used as an antioxidant that organizes the flow of oxygen in the body. But that's not the only use of this agent.
  • It possesses vitamin A, B complex and vitamin C .it is a highly nutritious fruit that maintains the strength of your body.
  • Amla can be consumed in any form dry or in its original form that doesn't affect its nutritious value.
  • Amla is mostly sour in taste that rekindles your mind .it is also considered a healthy diet for weight loss .it contains 10 to 15% more vitamin c than oranges 
  • Amla cuts the fat deposits of the body that eventually help in the metabolism of our body .amla contains amino acid and potassium that lowers our body cholesterol.
  • Due to its content of vitamin A, it helps in aid of eye disorders.
In India amla are consumed in large scale and can be eaten raw or can be made into pickles or as a dessert. Overall if you are working on your diet plan then amla can be a choice to be made.

Tamarind (Emeli):

Well, fewer people know about the health benefit of this god like fruit .as for tamarind each and every part of this plant have some benefit and we will intricate some of this.
  • The main component of tamarind is tartaric acid that conceals the free radical of your body.
  • As for the taste, it has a sour taste which is generally liked. Tamarind has a good nutritious value and is considered as for regular diet.
  • Keeping a paste of tamarind on inflammatory are works as an excellent remedy to prevent it.
  • The iron content of it boost the hemoglobin of body and give protection against anemia.
  • It also lowers the level of glucose in the body that helps the patients with diabetes.
  • It is also a good antioxidant.
If you are thinking of losing some weight then it can be a good option .it contains fiber that helps in digestion and constipation that help your body and it is observed that people drinking tamarind juice have experienced significant weight loss.

Black plum(jamun);

The black fleshy fruit that we enjoy during summer or rainy season has some extra credential health benefit that is unknown to us .black plum aka jamun one of the most liked fruit of Indian society can actually give you a better health.
  • Jamun has a good image as to lower your blood sugar level and that helps to treat the diabetic person.
  • Drinking its juice regularly makes your hair soft and shiny and give it a natural black shade.
  • Jamun contains fiber that helps in digestion and constipation but be cautious as eating more jamun in the empty stomach can cause acidity.
  • It boosts your body iron and gives preservation against anemia.
  • It contains mineral like potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus that build up your immune system.
  • Black plum is good for the heart and gives protection against cancerous cell.
  • Jamun leaves are antibacterial and can be applied on cuts and wounds.
  • Drinking its juice regularly makes your skin glow and it is used in some of the cosmetics.
As part of its price it is cheep and easily available in the market but as it is a seasonal fruit it is not available regularly but can be bought in form of powder or sterilize juice.

Jujube(Indian Ber):

The seasonal fruit that we consume on a large scale due to its nostalgic taste and health benefit. Jujube is one of the most interesting and tasty fruits of Indian origin. It is also recognized as the fruit of the forest due to its availability in most of the forest in India. Jujube is found in any shape, size, and color but its health contribution is the same.
  • It has a good reputation for maintaining the immunity of the body.
  • Jujube also contains vitamin C that can replace lemon, amla or orange.
  • It is a good remedy if you want relief from the kidney stone.
  • Its fiber improves digestion and is rich in nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, iron, and magnesium.
  • It makes your skin smooth and adds glitter to it.
  • Eating jujube daily makes heart and brain health.
  • It stops the growth of tumorous cells in the body.
As for availability it is easily available and cheap in cost .purchase it and dry it out and use for a longer period of time.

Herb that is useful::


  The ancient medicinal herb that is said to be most use full and beneficiary in our modern day busy schedule. (Ashwagandha - the smell of a horse)  said in Sanskrit mythology .it has more than 30 health benefit known to our country.
  • Firstly it is a natural stress reliever and helps in anxiety as it calms our nervous system.
  • Due to its antibacterial property, it helps against many diseases and prevent us from viral disease.
  • In a major study of chemotherapy, it founded that Ashwagandha helps in to treat cancer and its post therapies.
  • If you are opting for bodybuilding then it may surprise you that a regular dose of Ashwagandha  helps your body growth 
  • It is used by the male aspirant to increase sexual vigor 
Patanjali foundation works for herbal medicine and made it available in powder and capsule form so make sure to buy it out your health and fitness.

Saffron (Kesar)

One of the rarest of species in India which is mostly used to add flavor to your dessert and different food items .yes we are talking about saffron (kesar). The orangish-brown spices that you observe in a market have some great health contribution.
  • Saffron is added to milk and turmeric to treat cold and cough
  • Saffron is mainly used as a flavor for the different food items
  • If consumed daily it increases the sexual vigor of both men and women
  • Saffron is helpful in treating lung disease and for body growth
  • Most of the sweet dish contains saffron for its color adding property
  • Saffron is too good for the heart and gives relaxation to mind
Well, it is high in price and cannot be said as affordable but due to its health benefit, it is mostly recommended. Of course, it is used by the majority of people due to its sexual stability.

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