Menstrual cycle - The Days We Count

Literally, it's not a topic it's just a phase of life ("well we will see about it" a racist quoted ) it is only observed in female aspirant and yet here we are discussing the undeniable topic. Menstruation cycle AKA periods the phase of every month seen in female .but is there something that we are missing or something that is yet to be intricate

What Is A Menstrual Cycle? 

 It is the time when the hormonal release of estrogen and progesterone take place in the body and that happens after attaining puberty till the menopause. Periods are not the cause of concern is the time to discuss the menstruation that will occur. Well, the menstrual cycle can be said as the release of the blood vessel and tissue from the body through ovulation. Menstrual cycle starts at the puberty that is at the age of (12 to 14) well this phase differ according to the respective person .but should not be later than the prescribed time if it is a medical visit may help you out. Menstrual cycle end at the menopause that is at the age of( 45 to 50 ) till then the cycle continues every month unless the pregnancy has been established. But according to some men and women, menopause doesn't affect the need of sex partner or sex life well its kind of weird, interesting and acknowledgeable. If we do categorize the menstruation cycle then the cycle consists of two part.

1.ovarian 2. uterian 
We are going to analyze the ovarian part .the ovarian cycle consists of 28 days and this transformation can be seen in  4 part that remains for several days.

  • Menstrual phase -- remains from (1 to 5) day it is the beginning of this cycle and the ovary gets prepared for the egg that has to be implanted or fertilized 
  • Cell division ( proliferation) -- it just takes place between (6 to 13 day) and the cell starts dividing until ready for the egg to fertilize to take place in the endometrium
  • Ovulatory phase -- the ovulation take place at the 14 days .in this if the egg is not fertilized then the blood vessel gets erupted and the tissue gets degradation and form's a clot .after the distortion of this chamber the arrangement comes out from female utters in form of seminal fluid with heavy blood flow having unnatural odour.
  • Post-ovulatory phase - from (15 to 28 )days this phase maintain the body to its natural conditions for the next menstrual cycle thus the process recycles itself until the menopause.

Considering the menstrual cycle for birth condition!!!

Only one male sperm gets the accomplishment of fertilizing the egg cell. But the playground set for this process is been laid by the menstruation cycle as for the fertilization the puberty and the running cycle in parameters like (monkey, homo sapiens, apes etc ) is very important .the equal amount of cooperation is required from both male and female aspirant along with the proper knowledge of menstrual cycle for the birth of a new life.

How do you know that you are in periods?

Well this is an important fact as the first period of your life is quite painful and bit horrific . in start it feels like pain in the back, heavy muscle and pain in abdomen some females also observe swelling of the vagina and light pain around ovaries. The fear of ovulation and shyness should be considered through extra parental support and if occurred doctors should be consulted .after the first period the women become used to it and manage the conditions in their own best way.

Prevention that is adopted;

  • Due to the bleeding blood vessel and the tissue it causes a matter of concern as it affects the daily routine of a person.
  • Sanitary napkin helps a lot as it absorbs the outgoing blood and the discharge of the utters.
  • An unnatural odour is occurred during this period and can be faced by frequent wash and by foam wash with low pH considering the pH of the utters.
  • Using contraceptive pill may cause female infertility
  • According to some doctors, one pad isn't sufficient sometimes due to over bleeding.
  • A health light exercise or yoga gives a great help regarding ovulation.
  • Women should not lift heavy weight during this period that make cause ruptured tissue 
Awareness that has to be implemented!
1. In India, people are shy to talk about the issue and that has to be stopped as information supporting topic can be helpful to the girl child in the family.
2. Advertisements and promotion are being made by social workers and NGOs and this has to be flourished on social media network and television
3. Sales of sanitary pads and useful item during the period should be made on large scale. This can be purchased online through Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, shopclues etc
4. During the problem occurred in periods like having the period late than the regular timing or pain during the period. The doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

Myth Buster

  • Girls in India during the period are considered untouchable and that is totally discriminative behavior.
  • Girls are not allowed to enter temple that is totally out of mind and racist act.
  • Women's are not allowed to attend a ceremonial function that emphasizes insecurity and lowness among girls.
  • These myths are a great prickle to the Indian society that develops racism, prejudice, and inequality. Lastly, the periods should be considered just the phase of life that occur other than judging it on different platform or norms
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