Gallstones - Cause,Symptoms And Treatment

While you are reading this article there are 10 to 15% chances that you would be one of the hosts or suffering from the problem that has been described in the headline. So sit back and go to every minute details of the upcoming nemesis. The unacquainted suffering that is unknown to many of us. Well, the problem arises when we get to know about this nemesis.

Most people feel uncomfortable in most cases and did not share their difficulty. Unfortunately if ignored then the problem may come to a point where it can become our worst nightmare. Here we are talking about gallstones one of the common problems among people around each corner of the globe. In most of the cases, people are unaware of this enemy because it doesn't show any symptoms but no symptoms don't mean that there are no problems at all.

What Are Gallstones?

Well, gallstones are nothing but a solid precipitate which is formed by the digestive juice which is also called (bile). It is secreted from the gallbladder which is located under the liver. The gallbladder is a comparatively small bag like structure attached to the liver and produces bile(digestive juice) when we eat and helps in digestion.  Due to this phenomenon, we have good digestion and gets protection against losing motion or acidity. But the problem arises when the juice gets solidified that means when it gets saturated due to excessive digestive juice then takes a form of small stone. Well, this stones are very minute and are in size of a grain but can be of different size. Primarily gallstones do not show any symptoms and do not harm any person but problem arise when it unveils its major symptoms of abdomen pain.

Types And Causes That Lead To Gallstones:

Gallstones have much different reason to occur but they are mainly divided into two part 1) cholesterol 2) pigment. Cholesterol gallstones - are most common in people and occurs rapidly as we consume more amount of fat. When the liver excretes heavy amount of cholesterol in the body and is not digested then it from the small precipitate and accumulate to form gallstones. Pigmented - the red blood cells get destroyed and when this occurs the bile of your body contains a massive amount of bilirubin's ( yellow pigment of red blood cells) that gets accumulated and form pigmented stones.

Factors That Cause Gallstones:

  • High cholesterol of the body can cause gallstones to get generated or parental history of this enemy also leads to gallstones.
  • A high fat-containing diet such as junk food from market oily food, deep fried potatoes is also a major cause.
  • Pregnancy is a leading cause of gallstones and in the majority of cases the chain gets transferred to the newly born eventually but doesn't show any symptoms.
  • As you grow older than 45 years, the body starts to develop this stones. The failure of the gallbladder to produce bile is a major reason to generate stones.
  • If you do less physical work or work most of the time sitting or engaged in less physical activities then the risk factor increase.
  • Some heavy medicine has very bad effects on the gallbladder and liver which can cause this problem.
  • Gaining more weight increase the risk of this problem and losing weight more than the required amount also affects the functioning of liver and gallbladder that ultimately result in liver failure or gallstones.
Symptoms -

The primary and most common factor that shows symptoms is abdomen pain or intense back pain. Most of the people experience swelling of the abdomen. Pain in back including shoulders may be seen it may be left or right depending on the seriousness of the issue. Vomiting and stool are also a sign towards it people do not consider it but if ignored it may be fatal. Due to stones, we may get a fever and in the worst case scenario, it may cause infection.

Diagnosis & Treatment -

Most people do not find out gallstones unless they see any symptoms and due to its small size it could not be found out by x-ray. The best method of diagnosis of gallstones is sonography and CT scan of abdomen bilirubin's test is also a good way to find out gallstones.

Well, the gallstones are treated in many ways different people chose different method according to their conditions people preferring medicine have to wait for 2 to 4 years for this stones to get dissolved but can have some side effects. Some people prefer Ayurveda medicine and that has helped greatly to tackle this problem Ayurvedic medicine is cost effective and has no side effects but takes a longer period of time to cure the problem.

The frequent solution of getting the stones removed is through (cholecystectomy) and people suffering frequent pain prefer the surgery. Doctor advise not to take surgery until the symptom is visible. Most of the people are benefitted but surgery can be fatal.

Prevention That Should Be Taken:

Eating a low-fat diet has the most priority to prevent it as it aggravates the risk of gallstones having a balanced diet is a key step towards prevention. A person having excess weight should lose weight as it increases the risk factor. Regular exercise has helped greatly to people around and is advised by the doctor. Stay hydrated and drink more water to maintain your body. Maintain your body cholesterol with a regular visit for a checkup. The best prevention is knowledge about gallstones they are thieves hidden so to stop them invading our body have a proper information regarding the enemy.

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